The Lone Wolf

My story?… it was me against the world, no one else… not even a best friend by my side (she betrayed me in the middle school years). It was just me, every one else gave me the cold shoulder or made fun of me, no one really liked me because they thought I was rich. Jealousy was their enemy towards me, so thats when I became “The Lone Wolf” (no one calls me that besides me)… At least I had my books to run off to, a far away place I could be for myself to not feel so lonely, and it was great, I always sat alone in my favorite tree on the school grounds during break, and if I did not have a book I would sing. The one place I belonged was definitely not at that school, I grew tired of being laughed at and being poked on for saying something wrong during class, I ended up being quiet, and shy, afraid to speak my mind and getting friends, afraid to come near people thinking I might have found a friend when I knew that was not true, as the years go by I still think that way, but I h ide it, I do not want anyone figuring out my feelings when I know they are just being curious on whats wrong with me rather than actually caring. So I don’t come close to people because of that. I am inside this heart shaped bubble with all my thoughts and opinions floating around, and on the outside all these people are laughing at me as they are slowly opening the entrance to my bubble to find out more to laugh at, thats how live, yet I would love to have someone there standing behind me and catching me every time I fall, someone who wants to be with me and actually cared about me. So yeah, I would like to have a best friend to depend on because he/she would be listening to me every time I have steam I need to let out and I could tell my whole life to. Why I am saying this is I need someone to be here so I will not go mentally crazy, and just as that start crying for no reason when the truth is that it is a reason, I am so tired of feeling alone and lost, with no one a round me, when there are so many kids my age surrounding me, but I am not there, I am just invisible, like in the shadows of others walking around, lost and left to be invisible for the rest of my life. At school people see me as this shy, afraid, little mouse but if they went deeper into the world of me, they would see tis fun loving person that loves to sing and dance, and not be afraid of the world, then they would know the true me. If only they went deeper… Then I would have a friend.