Stranger and a Sandwich

I sat on the bench to enjoy the ever-expanding ocean that lay beyond the pier.  The sun was setting in the east, which I found a little odd, but I thought id ignore it for now and decided instead to open my to-go box from the café nearby.  I sat there getting ready to munch on my cheeseburger and began to shift a little uncomfortably on the bench.  Incidentally, a man passing by saw me doing this and seemed to have taken it as an invitation to sit down next to me.  So he did.  I almost said hello, but there was something a tad strange about him that prevented me from going any further.  He looked out into the ocean and fixed his gaze on the sun for about a good 20 seconds, then changed the aim of his stare toward what seemed like the deepest depths of the ocean.  I sat there waiting for him to say something as he gazed towards the ocean, but out of my lack of patience and surplus of hunger I decided to withdraw myself and continued with my burger.  As I was about to take my first bite, the man finally spoke up and said,


A little surprised, I slowly lowered my cheeseburger back into its Styrofoam box and replied with a simple “Hey”.  I hoped the lackluster nature of my reply would deter him from talking and thus allow me to eat.  Unfortunately he didn’t seem phased by the lack of effort I put into the conversation.

“How’s it going?” he continued.

I retaliated, “Decent; I’m a bit hungry.”

He looked at me then… “I can see that.”

Something in my mind was starting to come together about this guy, but I just couldn’t quite figure out what it was.  Glancing at his face, I noticed he had strange almost incandescent green eyes.  I was a little but perturbed by this, but decided to ignore it as I had with many other things today.  I felt as though the conversation with the man had concluded with a nice awkward silence so I returned to my sandwich only to find a black, starry hole in the box.  Looking around, I mumbled, “I must have misplaced my burger somewhere,” and went back to the to-go box, only to be met with darkness.  I awoke the next morning completely unaware of last night’s happenings to find myself laying on a bed in a mattress store along with a scar on my arm that I knew wasn’t there before.  I decided that enough odd things had happened and went on as if it was a normal day.

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