A Word

Family: A word

Full of different meanings,

Different Feelings,

Different seemings…

A smorgasbord of ideas

And emotions

Rush to the surface

As the mention of

This explosive expression,

That surprise. The demise of relationships!

(Either that, or the rise)

Family: A word

Full of connections



Safety. This is

One connotation

One sublimation,

One concept used popularly

By commercials, creating contusions and concussions,

Needlessly kneading nightmares

Of falsely festive family functions

These, they lie.

Family: A word

Full of yelling,



Blame. This implication,

Forced into our brains,

The brazen breakable judgement,

Just barging through,

A depressing death of

What we worshiped as wonderful

Because where is the love

when you ain’t got none?

Family: A word

Not made of their paradigms,

Not manufactured from their interpretations,

Not formed from their miscalculations,






Family, as they are,

Is what you make it,

Not how they take it–

You see,

The snakes of out civilization contort what we worshiped as wonderful

So that they can eat their contorted cake at the end of the day

Because they don’t understand,

Those raised in offhand heartlands,

Their grand stand against those contortionists

A symbol of those who sing not with

Fake festivity

Or with depressing death

But with perseverance,

With distinctiveness,

With singleness,

And differentness,

And togetherness,

And sameness.

Family is a bowl of mixed nuts–

Cashews and penuts and walnuts and pecans

Existing harmony.

A revelation or realization:


Your family is yours.

Your family is yours.

Walk the wasted edges of whatever way you travel

Not despairing in your desolation,

But rather,

With the knowledge that

Family is love,



Family lasts forever.

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